Friday, April 3, 2009

A Violation?

"The mention of intelligent design in public schools violates the Establishment Clause in the Bill of Rights."

This is enough to make me sick to my stomach. I literally shook my head and had to chuckle at how far mankind has seemed to progress in their stupidity and willful ignorance. Are we really this desperate to believe a lie? The above statement was found at If you need a few laughs, or maybe a renewed burden to openly share the truth of your faith in Jesus, I suggest you click that link and read a little bit.

I know most of my posts lately have had alot to do with Science, but I'm currently in the middle of this Environmental Science class and that's where my main focus is right now (see my post entitled: When I Don't Even Care.... for more details). At first I wasn't really enjoying this class at all.... BUT now that I've actually opened my mind and have decided to make the best of it - I have had SO MANY opportunities to share my faith! It's really so exciting! :)

God knows what He's doing! I'm so glad I know my Creator and have a personal relationship with Him! I hope you can say the same thing for yourself.


  1. Amen sister! I echo your fear that when my son is at school, he'll be in classes taught by those who don't believe in our good Lord or those who believe in something else...It is the Lord Himself Who calmed those fears because He reminded me that if we are with Him, Who can be against us? My prayers now is for the Lord to be with my son and use him as His instrument in sharing the "Good News". Thank u for passing by my blog. I always thank the Lord every time I get to meet new siblings in His Holy Name. God bless.

  2. First I want to apologize for calling you the the wrong name on my other comment today. I called you Heather; see I told you I was confused. I totally understand how you must feel about your teachers and the whole public school system. My daughter was an English major and shared her faith in her writing and received a lot of flack for her stand at NAU in AZ. We prayed and God moved strong and her poetry teacher apologized and wanted her to join her class in second semester. I respect your courage. Have a great day!

  3. haha! you are correct: my name IS indeed Heather. ;)

    thank you for commenting! God is a God of miracles! I am so glad your prayers were answered with that teacher. Keep praying, and never give up on anyone!

    God bless!


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