Monday, April 6, 2009

Taking the Plunge!!

I have been thinking about cutting my hair..... extremely short.... for a while now.....
I have an appointment tomorrow at the salon I have gone to ever since I was a little girl: Classic Design Hair Studio.

My hair stylist is Stacy, and I love how she can always do exactly what I want done to my hair... She is wonderful!

I have decided to finally chop my hair off.... again, extremely short.... compared to what it is now. My hair is probably about 6 inches or so from touching my butt (when I stand up straight). By the time my appointment is over with tomorrow my hair won't even be touching my shoulders!

I went onto the Mary Kay's website and played around with the "virtual makeover" that is featured there and was able to get a picture of the basic gist of what I will look like when it's all "said and done". Please give me your opinions.... but be gentle! haha! I have a feeling a may cry when I look into the mirror for the first time with short hair! :'( <-----You think I'm kidding?! ;)

Currently my hair is a dark, dark brown color (practically my natural color - maybe slightly darker). But, depending on the cost, I may get blonde highlights to go along with my new dramatic look. I like my hair to be darker in the winter (sort of a "warmer" look) and lighter in the summer (a bright, "crisp" look, if you will).

Hopefully everything will work out and I will love it! ♥
BUT.... If worse comes to worse I suppose I can always get extensions put in! ;)
kidding.... just kidding....! ;P


  1. You know what? You are going to look beautiful however long or short your hair may be. God made a beautiful woman when He made you. I wouldn't be a bit nervous about the cut, you look beautiful either way.


  2. Well, thank you! I think you are the second person who has encouraged me to cut my hair! lol
    Every one else was like: "WHAT?! NOOOO!! You're hair is so pretty long.....!!!!"

    *evil laugh* They'll get over it....! ;)

  3. Hair IS a woman's virtue and I think you will be able to pull off the look, it will give you a trendy vibe that is easy to maintain :) I am growing my hair out so I can feel more feminine but let me tell you, it IS a little tiresome trying to pull my hair out of the purse strap when I put it on my shoulder LOL

    Remember, there will be an initial shock but the hair will settle down fabulously :) have fun!! <3

  4. Good for you! I am too chicken to go short. I look forward to seeing your new hairdo!

  5. Hi, Heather:
    I think the style you choose is very flattering for your face. Since you give so much freedom to your stylist (I do too) ask her what she thinks. Personally, I think the dark hair is extremely becoming to you. I'm not sure about the highlights.

    You are a very pretty woman. This was fun to "critique" you today. My, you are courageous! If I looked like you, I would be too!!!!!

  6. haha! Oh my! :-O
    Well, Thank you very much! I will be asking ALLLLLL of the stylist's for their opinions tomorrow afternoon at the salon! ;)

    Off to more homework I go! eeek.... it's taking over my lifeeeee!!! ;D

  7. Hello there. I'll be the wrong person to ask if u're gonna' get a "short haircut" 'coz I always have short hair [bob cut] all my life and I just love the easy maintenance! I'll say an easy "YES!!!" because even if you get a short haircut, it's always gonna' be ur inner beauty that will be noticed! [well, not that u're ugly either... ;)]...God Himself loves variations in all of the creations He made. That was fun & that was sweet 4 u to include us w/ this venture. God bless.-ROSEL

  8. Will do!
    The appointment is at 4:00 today....! Pray I don't chicken out!! 0_o


  9. I think you will look great with short hair. I love dramatic changes and it will look cute on you. :)


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