Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ooooo, Girl.... You Be Stylin'...!!

So.... Here it is.... what I referred to in an earlier post as "the plunge". And literally, that's what it was.

I began to chicken out as Stacy (my stylist) and I began to discuss what I was "planning" to do.... But the thought of actually cutting my hair... I'm pretty sure... was starting to kill me.

That's when Stacy grabbed me, told me how much I'd love the cut, threw me in the chair, put my hair in a low pony tail..... anddddd..... CHOP!

Me: *GASP!*
Me (again): "I guess it's a bit late to turn back now....." :)

(Click picture for enlargement)

She's right, I L.O.V.E. it!
.....and there's lots of blonde, too... which I also love! ♥

I had 13" of my hair cut off.... *I weep....*
But, on the upside, I am donating it to Locks of Love! I am excited to be helping out someone who's in need!

Actually, I am planning on making a trip back to the salon (no, not to get extensions put in ;P) because I want it cut just a little shorter. It's at the length right now that when it touches my collar it starts to flip out the wrong way - despite how much hairspray I use...! ;D


  1. Ooooo, You're so right...You Stylin Girl! I told you...You're beautiful...long hair or short. That's the way He made you!


  2. Thank you all for your kind comments!
    I DO love the cut/style....! But I think I might go back and get it cut a little shorter becuase when the long layer hits my collar it starts flipping out the wrong way...!
    *hmmphh* haha!


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