Friday, April 10, 2009

A Piece of Me Died Today.... :(

He's been a part of my life for 2 years now.... we were so close. We went everywhere together. I loved him, despite all of his faults and problems. I knew the day was going to come, but I hadn't expected it to be so soon.... :(
Barney died.
Born in 1995, my Barney did well for his life. He was given to me by a very nice previous owner - my aunt, to be exact. He was dependable... for awhile. And then, in September of 2007, He had a heart attack. What kept him running failed. Through a long waiting period, $3000, and several operations later, Barney was back to his normal self (almost). Actually, things were never quite the same after that... but I liked to pretend they were.
He never complained.... though sometimes he made funny noises... and it seemed like he was always thirsty.
That fateful day came though.... yesterday.
I could tell something wasn't right - He was moving slower than normal, and his activities seemed very labored. He even smelt kinda funny.
My dad took him to the doctor this morning, and I anxiously awaited the phone call.

**Ringgggggg! Ringggggggg!!**

Me: "Hello?"

Dr.: "Hello. Is this Heather?"

Me: "Yes it is.... any news?"

Dr.: "Well.... yeah, but not good news...."

Me: "Oh no.... alright.... well.... let's hear it....."

Dr.: "It has a bad transmission, bad muffler, bad convertor, and bad struts...."

Me: "oh... wow.... how much?"

Dr.: "A minimum of $2000 to fix everything."

Me: "Heck NO!!"

Needless to say, I am not going to pay to have Barney fixed.... again. Why waste the money? I could put what it would cost to fix him towards a new-er car. But I did have a little bit of an emotional-breakdown when I got off the phone with the "Doctor".
I am going to miss old Barney.... he was a big part of my life. When he died, I can honestly say a little piece of me died as well.
Now the hunt for a new car begins.... where am I going to start?
I guess I will learn a little more about what it truly means to trust in the Lord for ALL my needs.

Pray for me.

(click image for enlargement)

Perhaps NOW, you can understand why we called him "Barney".
He wasn't much... but he was mine. And I loved him.... most days anyways. ;)

Okay.... this dramatic post is going to end now.

Happy Saturday! :)


  1. Sorry about Barney (though I figured you were talking about a pet at first). I hope you find a great car that will be dependable!


  2. I thought Barney was a pet, too. I know the feeling...when there's something dependable that we relied on for a while then...time comes we need to let go. May God bless you with the new adventure of finding another reliable car. Have a great Friday!

  3. Heather,

    Whew! I too, had thought you were talking about a pet! Thank goodness! I had the same problem, I was one of the first Saturn owners and drove that car it's entire 350,000 plus original miles. We had been through a lot together! Many miles of commuting to get me through a divorce and being a single mom.

    It's funny because when I received the same grim forcast for my old buddies fate, I decided it was time to let it go! It had served it's purpose and not once gotten into an accident. I did buy another Saturn and it's funny because when they saw the old one and all it's miles they wanted to do a commercial! No car lasted that long before.

    I truly believe God will bless you with another amazing companion to get you through the "travels" of life.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. So sorry about Barney, praying for God to provide you with a new car.

  5. I, along with others here, thought Barney was an animal at first. I've got you covered with my prayers that you will find the right vehicle for you.


  6. How sad :( God has his reasons...I love NEW cars. Just got one myself 3 weeks ago :) Let the search begin. Best of luck! I enjoyed reading your blog.

  7. Oh boy ... maybe there's something new & wonderful in the way of a Barnette coming! Something red maybe? Or something with a great sound system?

    My condelences over your loss, and my applause over the fun to follow.


  8. well.... I spent the majority of the day out looking at cars today.

    Cars. Cars. Cars.


    BUTTTTT....... I think I found the one I am going to get....!! *cheers!*

    More info to come on Monday or Tuesday!

    I am so absolutely, completely, positively PsYcHeD!! seriously. :D

  9. You fooled me, very funny :o) well think on the bright side, you will get another car ;) yay!! I have car ADD, I always look forward to getting a different car because it's like getting a new purse :o) does that make sense?

    RIP Barney!!

  10. AHHH! I L.O.V.E. purses.... and shoes. Shoes are my reason for being late to work every morning. I don't think men truly understand that it is important to match your outfit, shoes, purse, jewelry, and makeup for the day.....
    AND, when you have to dig through a huge pile and box to find the *perfect* shoes to go with a particular outfit - it consumes time... Much time. :)

    I love that God made me a girl.... *sigh* ;)


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