Saturday, March 28, 2009

When I Don't Even Care....

I am sitting here in my basement, cold though it may be, trying to concentrate on ENVS 1050 homework (for those who don't know what that is it's Environmental Science).
Honestly, I have never cared about such matters as water-pollution, global warming, and other such nonsense ideas.

I am not a tree-hugger, global warming is a hoax, the animals can fend for themselves and don't need "rights" - how about the rights of humans? More babies pay the price of having no rights thanks to abortion, and people are worried about animal rights? please....
And the polar bears in Alaska are doing just fine.

The earth is not millions of years old.... try approximately 6000 years old at best.
I just don't understand what all the hype is about.... God doesn't need our help preserving the world. He created it all, hung the worlds in space, and has sustained His living creations since the beginning of time (which He also created, I might add).

People need to get off their environmental pedistols and actually fight for something that matters.... like the rights of the unborn, marriage = 1 man + 1 woman, lower taxes, a non-socialistic government (because we're headed that way, you know) - oh, and here's one for you.... How about the cause of Christ?! That one's sufferered more than any of the above mentioned. In fact, I think it's safe to say that most Christians (or those who so claim themselves to be) have completely fallen off the wagon when it comes to this.

Anyways, my whole point here is.... I find it very hard to write an 8-page report per week about how we should "save" the environment when, honestly, I could care less.

And God forbid that I should stand up for the truth and tell the professor that I don't believe any of this hog-wash. I believe God.

oh, and one more thought for you.... I don't believe that I came from monkeys. There wasn't nothing, and then all of a sudden *BANG* the world appeared and a blob of matter started floating around untill one day it landed on earth and began to evolve into different creatures and monsters and then eventually monkeys came along.... and *viola* there were humans. NO.
Get a grip of the truth. We're too complicated of beings to just have "happened". There is a Higher Power who created us.

"In the beginning GOD created the Heavens and the earth...." (Genesis 1:1)
By the way, GOD created the "beginning" as well.

Thank you, Jesus.

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