Thursday, March 5, 2009

Summer 2009 Plans

Summer is fast approaching – and, personally, I cannot wait! I have so many plans – so much I want to do. Even with this crazy, insane work schedule, just knowing that I will not have any classes during the warm, sunny months makes me so excited!

I caught spring trying to make its debut earlier this week, but the clouds were hiding the sunshine. Yesterday it was close to 40 degrees, today and tomorrow it’s supposed to be near 50 degrees, and Saturday – well, Saturday it’s supposed to get as high as possibly 65 degrees! That’s almost beach towel, gardening, picnic weather!

My 21st birthday is in 85 days.... I’m getting pretty stoked about that as well!

First on my agenda for the fast-approaching summer is to buy a new car! I’m very excited about this because I can only imagine how nice it’s going to be to have dependable transportation that isn’t the color of Barney – haha!! ;D

I plan to have good times in this car – possible take a few road trips, hit Cedar Point at least once, and drive around cruising the freeways with my Best Friend as we get hopelessly lost! Sound like so much fun doesn’t it! :)

Second on my list titled “Things To Do” is to get a gym membership and make my albino-white skin tan! The thought of that makes me smile.

Thirdly, I want to start saving up for my own place. I have always wanted to move out and be on my own, but up until now I didn’t have a job that would allow me to afford a place of my own. I’m verrrrry thankful for my job! And I refuse to get an apartment – I see no point in spending lots of money on something that will never be “mine”. I would much rather invest in a condo or a house. Someday I will accomplish this goal – and I’m looking forward to it!

Anyways, I hope everyone has a GREAT spring and summer! If you’re still in college, finish this semester off strong! You’ll have the whole summer to goof off and have good times!

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