Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Henson's...!! :)

I'll post more about these wonderful people later.... but just listen for now!

This is the kind of singing I love. I love the Hensons. I loved Micah. Micah wrote the song the ladies are singing (below) - it's titled: "All That Matters". Micah went home to be with the Lord in Fevruary 2009 - he was only 29 years old. But God makes no mistakes - and God was ready for the face-to-face company of His servant Micah. Micah wrote alot of the songs this dear family sings. The Henson's come to our annual Old Fashioned Tent Revival every summer, and visit throughout the year - Mrs. Henson and the 3 "kids" would sing (Kim is at the piano, Micah with the guitar, Renae singing like the angel that she is) and Mr. Roger Henson would preach - what a man! He has a constant "tear in his voice" - he preaches with a tender heart for the lost and for the Lord. Truly, they are some of the greatest people and Christians I have ever known. All the pianists at my church are constantly saying that it's our life long ambition to be able to play the piano as well as Kim Henson one day! ;) I love this family dearly, and thank the Lord for their unwavering, faithful testimony to the Lord! I am blessed to know them.
Anyways.... without further delay - enjoy the kind of music I love and was raised on. These CD's are constantly blaring in my car as I cruise down the road....! ;)

And here's a repeat for you....!! You just can't sing enough about Jesus. You can't praise Him enough. You can't love Him enough. You can't serve Him enough. But if I had but one breath I'd use it to praise Him with, because He's all that matters!!


  1. God help this family as they miss Micah. This music brings back a lot of memories to me. I was raised Baptist and back in the earlier days I heard a lot of gospel music. So sweet. Thank you for sharing with us Heather.


  2. Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed this.


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