Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me ♪

So today is my birthday! I am 21 years old now. Just a number. Another year older. But it's a day for me to celebrate the life the Lord has given me. I am so thankful that I am not walking through this life alone though --- I have Almighty God on my side, and He loves me!

So here I am on vacation in Texas with my brother as he visits his biological family. I'm currently sitting on "my" bed, sipping on a Dr. Pepper (MmMmmm....! Oooooo.....! Ahhhh....!!!), watching Jasmine (my brother's youngest half-sister) playing her online game "Impressive Title" (and I'm not really sure how it happened, but I got suckered into creating an account on there too - which WILL be deleted by the end of the night, I can assure you of that). Earlier today I went to church with the family, which (in my opionion) was a great way to spend my 21st birthday! After church, we drove back to the house, where I helped Jasmine feed the COWS (Zeth and Jasper)!!! *yuck!* :X Yesterday, when I helped her feed the cows my brother was outside shooting a gun, and it spooked "my" cow and it just about trampled me! And then after it was all done eating and I was untying it, that bad-breath, hunk of steak sneezed all over my legs. *GROSS!!!* Scott and his biological mother killed a momma scorpian with eggs on its back the other day. For some reason, the giant toads like the pool and we found 7 of them stuck in the filter one morning (dead, of course - and smelly).

So far I've counted at least 46 people who have wished me a happy birthday on facebook - it's so great to have such amazing people in my life! :)

Anyways, that's my update post from the very distant land that I'm in right now!


  1. Cow sneezes are the worst! GROSS!

    Happy Birthday!!!! I pray this will be your best year yet.

    It sounds like you are having a good time!

    Be blessed!

  2. Did you say "bless you" after that "hunk of steak" [love that]sneezed on your legs?...
    Well...happy, happy Birthday to you...and may God bless you richly, funny "woman"...So glad you can post...Hope to hear more adventures. God bless and Happy Memorial!

  3. Wow, you just really motivated me to visit Texas ((giggle)) have a great Birthday hon, you totally deserve it!!! I can't believe I'm only a year older than you now :o)

  4. Happy Birthday Heather!! Sounds like you are in the very midst of a great adventure with your brother and his biological family.
    Praising GOD with you...andrea

  5. Happy Birthday toooo youuuuu
    Happy birrrrthday tooooo YOUuUuUuUU
    happppyyyy birrrrthdayyyyy
    Happy Birthday Beautiful self!

  6. It sounds like you have an adventurous life which is amazing. Happy birthday to you and may God bless you more


  7. Happy Birthday to You Heather!

    Have a wonderful vacation too!


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