Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Update: I LIVE....!! ♥



I feel terrible that I have not been blogging lately. My idea of "summer vacation" was that it'd be slower than my hectic crazy life during the semesters. WRONG! Now that school's out and I don't have to stay up and study untill 2:00 AM only to have to wake up at 5:30 AM for work --- I'm still verrrryyyyyy busy! Does it ever end? I know, I know... when I kick the bucket.

I've been having a good time though: parties, activities, sports, church ministries, etc, etc, etc... :) But it's been non-stop. I feel like Superman... untill Monday morning rolls around, and I need my coffee before I turn into the Hulk. Attractive little fellow that he is... I'd rather not look like him.

Here's a couple pictures that were taken over the past couple months or so.... Enjoy!

Me and my friend Rachel: a group of us went out and had a night a bowling... or at least attempted to bowl. and afterwards we all went to BigBoy... which is where this picture was taken. Everyone else had their significant other with them, or were getting married in a few weeks, and Rachel and I were the only single ones there. Everyone decided that we should be a couple for the night.... We fed each other strawberries. Everyone laughed. :)

This is me in Texas. Vacation #1 for this year! Texas was great! It was nice to just get away from everything, and be out in the warm country.... Where the cows roam free, and the cowboys are plentious....! Where the days are scouldering hot, and the nights are infested with scorpians....! Where the lifestyle is slow, and everyone's very laid back....! I have learned from all this that I am, without a doubt, truly, 100%, no hope of changing, extremely, for sure, completely a city girl. ♥ ;) ♥ (May.21-28.2009)

I was messing around with my camera... and this little picture happened. *accidentally* which I'm okay with... I happen to kinda, a little bit, like it! ;)

My Best Friend Sarah (or Sarah Marie, as I call her... or My Love.. which is what we call each other! HA!) This was in Claires (a little accesory store in the mall). We were laughing so hard that day. I look like something from off of Star Wars; and if you notice her "sunglasses", there are no lenses... just plastic bars across them. In her words: "There were obviously made for people who aren't aloud to drive yet... THESE JUST AREN'T SAFE!!" *laugh. out. loud.* Oh man... I could tell you stories of the times she and I have together!! *wheeeeehwww!!*

This picture was just taken about a week ago or so... at Metro Beach! I decided to give the tree a little hug (as a joke), and mom took a picture. Knowing how much I hated my Environmental Science class I had last semester, mom said: "Maybe if you would've taken a pic like this and sent it to your teacher, he would've given you an A+ instead of an A-!!" She's so funny! I love her! ;D

Well.... that's it for now! Hopefully I'll be back sooner than later! I hope all is going well for you all!

My God is good! ALL the time my God is good!


  1. You are busy as we haven't heard from you in a while.But glad to know you're having wonderful times with your friends and families, too...Nice pics...God bless you and may you rest in His loving arms.

  2. Heather,
    I, too love the accidental picture. Glad you have been enjoying summer.
    GOD BLESS, andrea

  3. Oh my, looks like you had a blast this summer :) hey enjoy your single years, cherish each non-stinky second of the day before you get married. You'll be glad you did LOL <3 don't fret about not blogging so often, we'll always have facebook! :)

  4. Oh you sweet one,

    It's so good to see you and hear from you! I love the pictures. You make me laugh and that's always a good thing. It sounds like you have been enjoying your summer thus far, despite the busyness in life. I'm so happy to hear that. SCORPIONS? CERTAINLY NOT FOR ME!

    Enjoy your summer break, despite the work thing. Life's short. Grasp and enjoy every single minute of it dear one.

    Love you,


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