Friday, February 20, 2009

Shocking Statistics: Teens

I was looking at the Victorious Valley Girls website ( and I found these shocking statistics:

Every Day In America...
- 2,989 children witness the divorce of their parents
- 3,288 teenagers will run away from home
- 6 teenagers will commit suicide
- 438 teenagers will be arrested for drinking
- 211 teenagers will be arrested for drug-related crimes
- 2,861 teenagers will drop out of school
- 1,629 teenagers are placed in an adult jail for some reason
- 7,742 teenagers become sexually active
- 1,106 teenage girls become pregnant
- 8,219 teenagers acquire a sexually transmitted disease

How sad is this? America has come so far… wait! Not just America, but the human race. We have taken out eyes of the Truth and the Way and now look at what is happening within the younger generation! When did this all happen? Gradually. With every compromise and every “oh, we’ll just let it slide this time” and every “but they’re kids… they’ll make mistakes” – and THIS is the consequence of such actions. There’s no one to place the blame on but ourselves. Granted, no one is above falling; but how about getting back up after you fall! There’s a steady that waits to help put you back on your feet again; and once you’re back on your feet, you’ll be able to help and encourage others. The teens of America (and the world) need us. They need someone to understand, to care, to love them, to help them, to support them, to show them what’s right, to lead them, and to point them to Jesus. BUT before you go out and change the world, you should start with the teenagers in your youth group – they need someone just as much as the homeless one does. And remember: “before you start talking to people about God – first, get on your knees and talk to God about those people.

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